Window Energy Ratings


Energy Efficiency

The windows and doors in your home can account for up to 20% of your heat loss. The Lifestyle Range has been designed to eliminate this waste of energy and not only keep your home warm in the winter months but help to keep it cooler in the summer.


All windows and doors installed in the UK must comply to the minimum requirements of the building regulations, which is currently an overall U Value of 1.6. The lower the U Value the more efficient the window. The energy efficiency is calculated using Window Energy Ratings (WER). Windows are rated A to C with A being the most efficient – the minimum requirement is C rating.

HOW DO Energy Ratings work?

The WER is calculated on a series of tests which assess Solar heat gain, thermal losses and air losses. In simple terms windows with high specification double glazed units and high quality PVCu frames will outperform inferior single glazed products.

A Rated as Standard

FACT – All Lifestyle windows are A Rated as standard.
The Double glazed unit is made up as follows
This configuration of DGU encourages solar gain and prevents heat loss though the glazed unit.


THERE ARE OTHER IMPORTANT ELEMENTS to consider when looking at the efficiency of your windows and the Lifestyle Range includes a number of features which also improve the performance of the windows

AIR LEAKAGE on Lifestyle windows was tested to ZERO

✔ The gaskets on LIFESTYLE are pre-extruded onto the profile which means that there can be no shrinkage and no air loss though the gasket. A 9mm flipper seal ensures that the DGU is properly sealed into the frame and that all opening sashes have a TOTAL weather tight seal.

✗ Profiles with inserted gaskets can suffer from shrinkage allowing for air flow around the DGU and poor sealing of the opening sash.



✔ LIFESTYLE utilises the highest quality PVCu profile which is extruded with 3mm wall thickness and with 5 chambers that dramatically improve the thermal efficiency. Grade A PVCu must have an external wall thickness of at least 2.8mm

✗ Profiles of a lower grade have less internal chambers and a thinner wall thickness – these can be as low as 2.0mm

Triple Glazing

triple-glazedA TRIPLE GLAZED unit is also available for the Lifestyle range of windows.

These superior performing units have achieved an WER rating of A+ which is the most efficient rating available and have U Values as low as 1.1.

Additionally a triple glazed unit gives improved sound insulation and are ideal for homes near busy roads.

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