Total Security

Your home is probably the most important possession that you own and the one that you need to be the most secure. With this in mind we have designed the Lifestyle range to incorporate the most up to date and highest specification security features available.

All Lifestyle windows and doors meet the requirements of PAS23, PAS24 and the Secured By Design police security initiative and for total confidence we also offer the UK’s most comprehensive 10 year home security guarantee.

Casement Windows

Key Features

  • Bear Grip multi point window lock – tested to 6kN – twice the requirement for PAS24
  • Two hooks at every locking point
  • 11mm hook penetration at every locking point for increased resistance against attack
  • Unique steel hook design into steel keep for extra strength
  • Solid keeps with nightvent facility
  • Two hinge guards to every sash
  • Lifestyle Extreme friction stay – complete with fire escape opening and easy clean facility
  • Highest quality high security auto lock handles – tested to 50000cycles
  • Internally beaded for additional security
  • Positive Drainage – built in sloping drainage system

Lifestyle Casement windows are fitted with the most up to date and strongest window locking mechanism available on the market. The Lifestyle lock is a window lock with the strength of a door lock with the ‘Bear Grip’ hooks producing a multi point locking system which exceeds the requirements of PAS24 by 3kN.

The Lifestyle lock has been tested to 6kN, which in simple terms is the equivalent to 600 times the force required to tighten a wheel nut on a car, trying to force the sash open. Not only this but we also fit hinge guards and the most secure auto locking handles available.

Your home is your castle and we want to keep it that way.

Hardware Colour Options

  • Black

  • Bronze

  • Chrome

  • Gold

  • White

Making Homes Secure