Terms and Conditions

Lifestyle Security Guarantee Terms and Conditions in Association with ERA Five Star

General Conditions

The Lifestyle Security Guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions and covers the locking components supplied by our security partner, ERA. The security guarantee is only valid when these terms and conditions are met in full:

The guarantee registration form has been fully completed and received

The guarantee must be registered online at www.windows-lifestyle.co.uk/register-for-guarantee within 14 days of the doors or windows being fitted.

Once registration is completed you will receive notification of the guarantee from our security partners, ERA Five Star.

Windows and doors must be securely closed (not in night vent position) and locked with the keys provided.

The benefits of this security guarantee only apply where entry is gained to the property through the failure of a Lifestyle Five Star component covered by the Lifestyle guarantee. For a complete list of Lifestyle Five Star components please visit: www.windows-lifestyle.co.uk/fivestar. This guarantee only covers the window and door locking components and does not cover hinges or glass. If in any doubts as to the Lifestyle Five Star components used on the window or door the homeowner should contact their window or door installer.

The Lifestyle Five Star products must have been fitted by a registered Lifestyle installer and adjusted according to Lifestyle Five Star’s approved installation instructions.

The guarantee will only be valid provided no modification, repair or alteration of the product has been made without our written approval.

Claims are subject to the property being occupied and furnished.

Claims are subject to the window or door being maintained according to care and maintenance instructions provided by the installer. If not supplied by the installer, a copy of window and door care instructions can be downloaded here Lifestyle Maintenance Guide

Only one claim per household can be made during the guarantee period.

Notification of any claim must be made to ERA within 7 days of the break-in. Any supporting documentation must be supplied to ERA within 30 days of the break-in.

The guarantee will be valid for as long as the homeowner continues to live at the registered address or for a period of 10 years from registration, whichever is lesser, i.e. the earliest date. The guarantee is non-transferable; therefore it cannot be transferred to a new owner if the property is sold.

The guarantee is applicable to residential properties in the UK and Eire only.  Commercial properties are excluded from this guarantee.

The decision of the ERA service engineer is final in respect of the above qualifying criteria (i) whether the window / door has been maintained according to the care instructions (ii) whether any modification / repair has been made to the window or door and (iii) whether entry has been gained to the property through failure of an ERA Five Star product.

The guarantee will not apply if the goods have not yet been fully paid for (i.e. there is an outstanding balance for the supply and installation of the windows or doors).

This guarantee replaces the warranty provided by the general ERA terms and conditions of sale (available on request).

Home Insurance Saving

To access the opportunity of reduced home insurance premiums, the homeowner must ‘opt-in’ to be contacted by our preferred home insurance broker at the time of registration. The homeowner will do this by ticking the box marked “I want to be contacted to see if I can save money on my home insurance” and fill in the “Home Insurance Renewal Date” field on the online registration form. The contact details will be held in confidence by Gallagher Heath and only used once to contact the homeowner regarding their home insurance renewal. The details will not be passed to any other organization.

24/7 Call Out Service

Telephone: 0800 0833 442

The 24/7 call out service to secure the property following a break in is only valid where a homeowner has been broken in to via forced entry through a window or door. If the homeowner uses this 24/7 call out service to secure their property for any other reason, ERA reserve the right to pass on the costs of this service to the registered homeowner.

Key Benefits

  1. Payment of Home Insurance Excess
  2. Repair or Replacement of the Window or Door
  3. £1000 Inconvenience Payout

To claim these three benefits after a break-in the following conditions must be met:

  1. The homeowner must contact their installer within 7 days of the break in to notify them of a claim.
  2. The homeowner must submit a written claim to ERA Five Star within 7 days of the break in, including a crime reference number.

ERA will send a service engineer within 10 working days of receiving the claim form to visit the property and assess which components failed on the window or door during the break-in. The homeowner must provide access and co-operation in order for the service engineer to assess the claim, between Monday – Friday in the hours of 9.00 – 17.00.

If on investigation it is found that Lifestyle Five Star products were correctly fitted, adjusted and maintained, but that one of these components failed during the break-in, we will then issue the following payments within 30 days of the claim being approved:

  1. Up to £1,000 to the homeowner to refund the home insurance excess paid by the homeowner for any contents insurance claim related to the break in. To claim this benefit the homeowner must provide a copy of the insurance claim form, plus a copy of a payment receipt showing their payment of the contents insurance excess. This amount will then be reimbursed via a cheque sent to the homeowner, up to a maximum of £1,000.
  2. Up to £1,000 to the original window and door supplier (or equivalent) to contribute to the remake and installation of a replacement window or door, or repair of the damaged window or door caused by the break-in. This amount will be paid by ERA directly to the window and door supplier.
  3. A £1,000 cheque sent to the registered householder to compensate for the inconvenience of the break-in.

If the break in to the property is judged to have occurred due to the failing of any other component on the window or door (for example broken glass, a broken PVC panel) none of the above benefits will be paid.

Any queries concerning this guarantee should be made in writing to Lifestyle Five Star, C/O ERA Five Star, Straight Road, Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands. WV12 5RA, or by calling: 0800 0833 302.